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Make A Glitch Effect Movie Trailer With Our Video Template Editor

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This video template is great for any game trailer, movie trailer, or sporting event trailer advertising, especially if you are involved in extreme sports like skateboarding, extreme skiing, mountain claiming, sky jumping, or rallying and want to share your achievements with your followers on YouTube or Facebook channel.

What is the glitch effect?

Also called a distortion effect. It's a process of using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating electronic devices.

In our case, animators created the effects inside this template by manipulating digital information of images and videos with some plugins to bring static distortion to certain parts of a movie trailer. Glitch art starts conversations that traditional art unable to do, just by nature of how it's created.

By twisting, distorting, or flickering images or videos will bring that static effect and exciting look to the movie trailer. It is usually used in videos for sporting events advertising or a game trailer to bring that look of an 80's science fiction movie.

What are the advantages of our video template editor?

Our template editor is an advanced online web app and very competitive on the market today. It uses top of the range software, called After Effects, to produce professional high-quality movie trailer, explainer videos, or logo intros in a short period of time.

It doesn't require you to know video editing or experience in any complex software for it. In a few simple steps, you can end up with a great-looking advertising movie trailer on your hand and use it for any purposes you need.

As well as the time, it also saves you a lot of money. There is no need for a professional team of designers and animators to create a nice video for your TV commercial to have on your YouTube channel. The template editor will do all that for you in a matter of minutes.

Our programmers made sure that any person without any experience and knowledge in video editing can use our software without any problems. Regardless, we do have a tutorial video on the website for anyone to view and learn how to use our template editor in just a few minutes.

What is a movie trailer used for?

Movie trailers are created for advertising purposes or to shows the achievements in games or sport yourself to your followers, friends, or family. If you are advertising a game, the movie trailer needs to have stunning special effects, good lighting, and camera animation, if it’s a 3d animated trailer, to bringing tension and interest for the viewers.

If it is an extreme sporting even trailer, it needs to have fast and powerful background music, some static distortion effects, and a well-designed color theme to bring that Sci-Fi look of the 80s or 90s into a scene.

In particular, this template can also be used to advertise a movie trailer, especially if it's a thriller, horror, or science fiction genre. Static distortion effects, powerful music, and great-looking special effects will keep the viewer on the edge of his seat throughout the whole movie trailer.
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