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Make a Christmas Animation Video with Happy New Year Text and Photos

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Make an incredible Christmas animation video with personalized Happy New Year text!


What are your plans for the New Year? As you get ready to begin this new chapter, let’s recap the highlights of 2022 and share your plans for the future. This Christmas animation video can frame your most cherished memories and express your deepest thoughts. It’s the perfect atmosphere to add a unique and magical touch to your holiday video ads. Plus, it comes with a personalized Happy New Year message. 


Video templates like this take the stress out of creating high-quality content for your business or personal projects. Our featured holiday video mockup includes ready-built Christmas-themed motion graphics with Happy New Year text overlay and multiple photo frames to show off your best shots. The content placeholders are easily editable with your unique video clips (26) and text (14). Plus, you can add a professional logo signature. 


Have you ever found yourself in a crunch ahead of the winter holidays? With our AI-powered animator, everything gets easier. Generate ideas for new videos quickly and access free online tools to make your video. Eager to find out how easy it is to rebrand this Christmas photo gallery video and personalize your Happy New Year greeting? This template includes easy-to-follow instructions to help you create an animated video 1 minute and 13 seconds long. So, let’s get into it and explore the world of animation videos!


How to create a Christmas Photo Video with a template?


All you need is a collection of photos that capture the essence of the holiday season to give meaning to your personalized message. What do you have to lose? Let me show you how to animate your photos, logo, text, and footage with one click. You get everything in one easy-to-use toolkit, ready to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. 


Tap this featured video template to open the online editor in your browser and adjust the parts as desired. Get the tools you need right out of the box, so you can learn how to make your own Christmas animation video the affordable way. Choose photos that evoke the spirit of the holiday season, such as pictures of family, friends, and decorations. 


You can also include family videos, audio recordings, and special effects to make your video stand out in a big way. Once you’ve selected the photos, you can start assembling the video scenes in the order you like. Update the colors, fonts, and background footage. Additionally, our plug-and-play editor offers simple one-tap customization features to modify images using color filters, transitions, and special effects. If you so choose, you can play audio recordings and music with your video to make it more enjoyable. 


Why is this the best tool to make New Year and Christmas tree videos?


There are countless benefits to users, no matter your skill level or video production experience. Our drag-and-drop template editor makes it a fun and repeatable process anyone can accomplish in seconds. Curious to see how unique and memorable your video will be?


You have countless resources and the best online editor with easy-to-use customization features to create unique animated videos. Subscribe and unlock exclusive stock properties available to our premium account users. This resource is ideal for photographers, bloggers, and startup companies looking to increase output.


Ready-to-use video projects like our Christmas photo video lets you do things quicker and more efficiently. Plus, it is an inexpensive, effective, and manageable process that requires almost zero effort. With hundreds of high-quality templates at your fingertips, you only need to pick your favorite design and personalize it.


The takeaway 


Using our intuitive and easy-to-use template editor is a no-brainer. Besides saving you time and money, an online video maker with ready-made templates can boost creativity. So, start exploring the world of animation and get ready to create your own Christmas tree video or New Year animation!


Spend less time editing and put more effort into creativity with our themed templates. Make quick adjustments to your video design without distorting the base composition. Preview your edits as you modify elements of your video. When you finish editing, download your copy and export it to your socials or website. 


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