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8 Best Video Editing Services For Outsourcing Your Footage In 2022

Editing footage can become a demanding task. To edit a single minute of a video, you need to spend from 30 min to 1h, depending on how skillful you are.

The process becomes even more difficult if other tasks await you and you keep juggling responsibilities. Instead of pulling an all-nighter, trying to edit all your raw materials, you'd better address a reliable video editing service for help.

When looking for a good company, there are several things to pay attention to. First of all, evaluate the quality of work by watching edited video samples.

Secondly, you need to ask about the turnaround time and editors' experience. Make sure to clarify whether they can adhere to your specific style. Last but not least, consider pricing policy and the availability of discounts.

Typically, beginner video editors charge from $25-$45/hour, while their advanced and expert colleagues ask $45-$60/hour and $60-$100/hour, respectively. Searching for the best video editing services is no easy task, so we decided to create a list of the most trustworthy agencies for you.

1. FixThePhoto

Prices: 80$+

Services provided: Basic Level (Color Correction, Sound Adjustment, Music Adding, Adding Simple Header, etc.) and Additional Services (Every Next 30 Min + $60, Up to 50 Photos Adding + $50, Animated Text/Titles Adding +$50).

Average turnaround: Within a week. Experts will get down to work immediately if you are pressed for time and want to receive the result as quickly as possible.

Bonuses: You can receive 15% OFF and 30% OFF the introductory price of all video editing services during one month if the total cost of your order exceeds $1500.00 - $3000.00 US.

FixThePhoto video editing service is a go-to company for average users, freelance videographers, small agencies, medium-sized businesses, and world-known enterprises.

A team of knowledgeable video editors is ready to take up any challenge and convert raw footage into a fascinating clip.

You can address these guys if you need a corporate video, content for your blog, want to turn moments with your family into an engaging video piece, or give special finishing to your wedding footage.

There is hardly a video editing task FixThePhoto service can't fulfill. Addressing this company, you can be sure your videos will look fantastic.

With the most powerful video editing software at their disposal, they will add a matching soundtrack, stabilize your footage, insert titles and transitions, and more. Besides, they perform color grading using professional color grading software.

The highlight of this video editing service is the readiness to follow your specific style, which is frequently a problem if you address other companies.

2. Veedyou Media

Prices: $99+

Services provided: Corporate, travel, home & family, wedding, social media.

Average turnaround: Week - 1.5 weeks

Bonuses: None

Veedyou Media takes the second place in our list, mainly aimed at ordinary people and small businesses. The range of their services includes editing videos from trips, weddings, corporate events, commercials, and the like.

This video editing company offers a full-money refund system. However, you can get your money back only after three cycles of corrections if you still dislike the outcome.

Unfortunately, there is no pricing info on the official website. This isn't very pleasant, especially if you want to calculate your expenses before ordering. Considering this and a long turnaround, the company is less popular than FixThePhoto.

3. Video Caddy

Prices: $12-15 per hour

Services provided: Video clipping, wedding, sales pitch, product, film/movie re-editing, video stabilizing, corporate, virtual reality, real estate, 360º video editing, testimonial, holiday, sports.

Average turnaround: 2 weeks

Bonuses: None

Video Caddy tries to cater to the needs of very diverse groups of clients, including companies of all sizes, filmmakers, documentary producers, news agencies, independent wedding videographers, and more. You won't see any packages or subscriptions, as the company has a fixed hourly rate of 12 dollars.

The price is meager, but everything becomes obvious considering their specialization (they accept only simple orders). If you are pressed for money and aren't interested in sophisticated edits, you can opt for Video Caddy. However, they handle orders rather long, so decide whether you are OK with that.

4. Webdew

Prices: calculated individually for each order

Services provided: Commercial ads, explainer videos, educational videos, tutorial videos, product demos, testimonial videos, video series, social media ads

Average turnaround: 3 weeks

Bonuses: Offer discounts based on the number of videos in a project and their duration
This is a video production agency with a solid reputation in Whiteboard Animation, 2D Animation, Live Action, Kinetic Typography, and HUD Videography.

The team consists of more than 50 talented motion artists, graphic designers, and managers, who have edited over 1000 how-to videos and done 3000+ minutes of production in the last years.

This video editing company primarily focuses on animated videos, and rarely edits personal vlogs. Anyway, their color correction is nice. However, many clients report being disappointed with the turnaround time. Most of them had to wait almost 3 weeks to get their edited videos back.

5. Wow-How Studio

Prices: calculated individually depending on the order

Services provided: The company offers a broad range of video editing services and can create animated videos from scratch. Video editing includes professional voiceover, sound clearing, color correction, adding subtitles, and animation.

Average turnaround: 2 weeks

Bonuses: None

A group of skilled editors, artists, animators, modelers, and designers working under one roof, can create jaw-dropping 2D and 3D videos for any purpose. Undoubtedly, Wow-How Studio appeals to clients with its animation, which is a sure way to go if you want to give your footage eye-catching touches.

However, the company lags behind competitors when it comes to lighting fixes and color grading. Moreover, sometimes soundtracks they choose and initial video pieces don’t match up.

6. Spivo

Prices: calculated individually depending on the order

Services provided: Travel and adventure

Average turnaround: a week

Bonuses: 45-day money-back guarantee

This video editing company can interest only those clients who have travel and adventure footage that requires editing. Of course, such narrow specialization drastically limits the range of possible customers, as it is more convenient to order a whole pack of video editing services in one place.

Anyway, these guys perfectly cope with editing camera video and vlogs, paying special attention to audio, and adjusting it to the beat of one of their 8K+ royalty-free songs. Thus, you can share your edited clips on social networks and other platforms without worrying about copyright infringement.

Though some of their techniques may seem dated, they still know how to add smooth transitions, perform eye-pleasing color correction, and stabilize the frame. So, if you mainly record travel and adventure videos, and need help with editing, you can address Spivo.

7. Vidchops

Prices: calculated individually depending on the order

Services provided: YouTube content

Average turnaround: 2 days

Bonuses: None

The service was created by Augie Johnson, who is well known on YouTube. Understanding how time-consuming video editing is, he decided to create a company where experts will take care of all sorts of videos while YouTubers and vloggers can fully concentrate on the shooting process.

They have a large collection of royalty-free stock music and videos, which they can use while editing your footage. They don’t accept video deliverables that last more than 15 minutes unless there are special cases.

Besides, clients can upload raw footage that is longer than 45 minutes. Their super-fast delivery may save the situation, but it won’t, as all the edits they make are standard, so the finished video lacks personalization. So, if you decide to test this service, don’t expect something special.

8. Viddedit

Prices: by raw footage length – at $50 per 15 minutes. Extras are charged separately.

Services provided: Wedding, corporate, go-pro, drone, family, holiday videos

Average turnaround: a week

Bonuses: None

This is a generalist video editing service, which can satisfy clients with basic requirements but will fail to impress famous YouTubers who need videos with mind-blowing effects and vibrant colors.

The company states that you will receive your edited videos in 7 days, but they rarely keep their word. While making an order, you need to pay 25% of the total sum in advance.

They accept videos in any format, but their video editing techniques are outdated, especially when it comes to color grading and transitions. Fortunately, if you don’t like the result, you can ask for revisions.

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